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The Unauthorized Biography of Hijack

Jack and I met in 1990 while working at the Bennigan's in Springfield (PA). Jack was still attending Temple, and I hadEarly Jack n dre just graduated Villanova. I was drumming and singing in this prog-influenced band (Sky Blue) and Jack was (and still is) playing with his first band, The Bottom Line. We started collaborating and were soon recording a 4-song demo as Flesh Tuxedo with our friend and engineer Drew Raison. Flesh gigged extensively in the Philly area for the next six years, with me fronting the band. We had several personnel changes, but the most stable and long standing line-up - with Bob Wiegand on drums and Jonathan Williamson on bass - recorded an EP in 1993 and a full-length album in 1994. After the demise of Flesh Tuxedo in 1996, Jack and I continued writing but didn't formally playlow.drelowjack together again until 2000, when we formed Lowjack. I was back behind the drums, with Clint Arent on bass and Kevin Diehl fronting. We gigged a lot and released an EP in 2002, and we had some momentum going, but things basically derailed as we were getting ready to record another EP. Some of Lowjack's tracks found their way onto our home-recorded Planetary Missionary demo - the first project to bear the Hijack name. We also completed Jack's third solo CD (TS3) and my first (so.low.dre) at the same time. As soon as that was all wrapped up, we started to write and record new songs and layed down the basic tracks for what became Illusions. Our buddy and co-worker, Kris Ohrenick, joined up just in time to lay down the bass tracks on the CD and Drew Raison once again took to the boards to mix and master the album. Time to get this show on the road! -Andre

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