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Illusions CD Cover
Post your own review of the CD. Just go to our DigStation page and have at it. We'll pick it up and post it here, too. Especially if you write a good one.

"'Fixed Forward' is fucking bonafide! 'Stupid' is sweet. They should be on the radio! I would love to see some type of video for 'Danger Ranger' or 'Frog March.' You could have yourself a viral video. I'm looking forward to seeing all of these live. I really liked the arrangements. It hearkens back to more classic hard rock as well." - Jason Kell

"I can't stop listening to this CD. This and In Rainbows are my favorite albums from 2008." - Marianne Fithian

"Your new CD is killer! I've been sitting here doing my school work and groovin' to it. I love it! Andre's voice is superb! This is the voice I always knew he could have. Jack's playing is, as always, gutsy and swaggering." - Lisa Matriccino

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